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ISBN: 1895837006

By Lynnette D’Anna
Review by: Moira Richards


Vixen is definitely a book for the adventurous. Its format is unusual – no chapter is longer than a page and a bit, many comprise a mere sentence. So, confronted with that much white space, the reader might be tempted to whiz through the novel in half the usual time. Well, that is what I tried to do and I ended up having to go back to re-read earlier sections more than once, because I had not given them due attention the first time around.

Lynnette D’Anna expects her readers to concentrate and to juggle various seemingly unconnected bits of narrative in their heads for quite a while before she gives them enough threads with which to start tying them together in some sequence that makes sense. And that is my dilemma in reviewing this novel – I can’t tell much of anything about the plot nor of the characters without depriving you of your own satisfaction in engaging with the work. Perhaps it suffices to say that the narrator seems to have undergone some kind of shock treatment that has removed all her memories and the narration parallels her efforts to regain both those she knows she had, as well as some that she begins to understand, she had forgotten she had.

Approach this novel novel with the care and thoughtfulness that you might a volume of poetry. The experience will be as pleasurable as the alluring cover picture promises.

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