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Soul Choices: Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose
ISBN 0-9741334-0-X

By Kathryn Andries
Review by: Rachael Hanel


Like many people who have just turned 30 (or marked a similar milestone birthday), I faced many questions. Lately I’ve been asking myself: Is it time for a change? Do I dump a good full-time job in favor of pursuing what I really want to do? Am I fulfilling my life’s purpose? What in the heck IS my life’s purpose, anyway?

Those questions were fluttering around my mind as I delved into Soul Choices, by Kathryn Andries. Right away I felt validated. From the beginning, Andries stresses the importance of finding your right path in life. Suppressing our true thoughts and desires, as many of us do, can lead to depression and illness, she says.

Andries, a graduate of the University of Michigan, Body Mind College and The Berkeley Psychic Institute, guides readers through six steps to finding their “soul choices.” It’s actually comforting to think we don’t need to be in charge of our lives: our souls will do the work for us. If we’re attuned to our souls, our life choices will become apparent.

The book’s foundation is “to know oneself totally we must look at various methods of self-analysis to get the broadest picture possible.” To this end, the six areas Andries explores include reincarnation, astrology, numerology, iris studies, palmistry and family. Each chapter includes a quick explanation and case studies, tasks, questions and exercises.

If you’re looking for a quick fix or easy answers, you won’t find that in Andries’ book. Her small tome (a slim 200 pages) serves as a guidepost to lead you into deeper questioning and soul-searching. Andries highly recommends you seek out practitioners to help you in your search (she provides names and Web sites and urges using only licensed experts). Most of the chapters’ tasks involve finding a consultant. For example, when you examine reincarnation, Andries recommends obtaining a past-life profile. The questions at the end of each chapter are thought-provoking, and the exercises are fun: “Visit a place that intrigues you,” or, “throw a past-life party.”

I admired Andries’ approach when it came to family. It seems so often professionals are quick to blame family dynamics as the cause of a person’s dysfunction. Andries doesn’t buy into this. She states: “…the study of family is not meant to place blame for negative traits. It is, rather, a self-empowerment tool to eliminate what is unproductive and to develop gifts and talents.” The entire book embodies this positive attitude.

In the end, Andries shows you how to take all the results and piece them together, like a puzzle. Patterns are likely to emerge. These patterns can be both positive and negative. They can point to talents and strengths you didn’t know you had, or they can point out challenges that keep you stumbling throughout your life. You will come up with karmic lessons and also create a life purpose statement.

Andries leaves plenty of space in the book for notes or journaling. However, she recommends you get a separate notebook or a folder in which to keep items relating to your discovery journey. Many of the exercises involve creating drawings or paintings, so you may end up with a scrapbook-like collection. Andries also suggests you work through your journey with a friend or small group. These people may have additional insights to aid your revelations.

The journey to find your soul choices takes a major commitment, and this book is only a small part of that discovery. But it’s enough to take the first step down that long road. Every long trip starts with a small first step. Look at Dorothy: she ended up in Oz after first starting down the yellow brick road. Andries seems to tell us that our souls will lead us to similar magnificent riches when we listen to them.

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