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Email Episodes
By Yvonne Perry
Review by: Chris Taylor


I told a friend several years ago that I thought my e-mail exchanges would make a great novel. I printed them off and stuffed them into folders, meticulously labeled with dates, the friends I was sending them to and the friends they were from. I even had a folder just for flames. I collected all of these messages hoping that one day I would put them all together in some kind of narrative form on lived experience, my contribution to the story of technology's impact on our lives and how we communicate. Yvonne Perry beat me to it.

In Email Episodes, Yvonne Perry puts together a hilarious narrative of e-mails from Expressy, a funny, charming mom who does her best to make everyone happy, often at her own expense. In episode after episode, we watch Expressy doing her best to make everything better. She's honest. She's caring. She's funny. She sees it all, a witness to some of our most ridiculous moments as human beings. Describing a moment at church she writes, "However, to see grown men and women on their knees weeping in those plastic dishpans just hit me as funny and the fake laugh that I was only to do silently was becoming more and more difficult to contain."

Through heartbreak and death, she never loses this uncanny way of telling her story through these incredibly visual and heartfelt emails. I laughed my way through this book and was incredibly touched by Expressy's honesty and wit, her simply amazing desire to find and accept who she is.

You can get Yvonne's novel on her website at http://yvonneperry.net/product_line.htm#Email%20Episodes

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