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Bed Rest

ISBN: 0060889934

By: Sarah Bilston

Review by:  Melissa Flicek Doffing


Sarah Bilston's first novel, Bed Rest, is written from the perspective of Quinn "Q" Boothroyd, a twenty-something married and pregnant British lawyer living in New York who has been confirmed to bed rest for the last 3 months of her pregnancy. The book is a quick read that calls to mind Bridget Jones when Q decides to keep a diary to record her experience and save her from utter boredom. Like any diary, Bed Rest has moments of brilliance scattered amongst the pages of everyday life.

Not unlike most pregnant women with surging hormones, Q is slightly neurotic and obsessed with food, while at the same time reflective and genuine. he makes the best of her situation while she is restricted to the couch for an extraordinary amount of time. The novel is littered with subplots and characters that entertain both Q and the reader with their soap opera-esque lives. Throughout the affairs, broken hearts, workaholics, marital strife, and sibling rivalry, Q tries to focus on the at risk baby she carries in her "low fluid" womb.However, it isn't until half way through the novel that Q really starts truly looking at herself and the world around her, and is surprised at what she finds.

Like most new mothers-to-be, Q is nervous, excited, and under prepared for the uncertainty that lies ahead.She approaches impending motherhood with an "oh my god what were we thinking" attitude that is humorous, scary, and honest all at once.However, with the help of friends and family, she is able to get through.And although the ending is a happy one, the resolution seems a bit too tidy and unrealistic.

Regardless of whatever minor flaws the book may have, it is one that causes the reader to stop and evaluate their own lives.May we all be so lucky as to step back from our lives, sit on the proverbial couch, and let the world revolve around us, or rather, realize that it doesn't, reflect on that, and reconnect with ourselves while forging new connections and rekindling relationships with those around us.Because in spite of (or perhaps on account of) all the drama and doubt that surrounds her, Q (and perhaps Bilston) reflects joyously in the end: "I did it!"

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