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Adventures of Riley: Dolphins in Danger
ISBN: 0974841110
Adventures of Riley: Mission to Madagascar
ISBN: 0974841129

By Amanda Lumry and Laura Hurwitz; Sarah McIntyre, Illustrator
Review by: Mary Keith Trawick


Around the early 1990s Earth Day was big, global warming was talked about, and what could be done to help conserve the planet was a big topic of conversation. In the present day, these subjects have taken a back burner position to other issues. In association with the Smithsonian Institution, Wildlife Conservation Society, and the World Wildlife Fund, the Adventures of Riley series introduces kids to wildlife from around the world and brings the subject of our planet back to the dinner table.

Authors Amanda Lumry and Laura Hurwitz have teamed up in this series to create a lively and informative look at the world around us. When a new exotic animal or plant shows up in the story, Lumry and Hurwitz create an insert where a specialist in the field describes the animal more in depth. Hard to pronounce words are followed with the phonetic spelling to help learn new words. Each book in the series comes with a sticker as you follow Riley along in his adventures and a website was created to add more interactive features to the series allowing children to explore information in different ways.

Illustrator Sarah McIntyre uses both drawing and photography to help tell the story. The drawings are well done and the pictures informative, but at times this type of illustration created pages that were too crowded and busy, which interrupted the flow of the book.

The Adventures of Riley series takes children on their own learning adventure and opens the door to ask further questions about the world around them in an interesting and refreshingly different way.

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