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The Skeptic's Guide to The Adventures of Life
ISBN: 0976271907
By Connie R. Siewert
Review by: Jennifer C. Larios


Connie Siewert’s logical approach to holistic healing makes this book an interesting and informative read. The spiritual aspects make for a delightful and refreshing mental excursion. This book is an informative resource guide for anyone considering alternative healing therapies, a wealth of inspiration for anyone. It has a similar feel as that of The Celestine Prophecy. Microwave spirituality for our fast-food society.

It begins as her personal quest for relief from her physical difficulties, but doesn’t stop there. She also maps her spiritual journey along the way. One is able to follow the progress of her spiritual milestones, which is apparent in the way she deals with each new therapist and the relationships that blossom from her experiences.

The author covers a multitude of holistic healing therapies. An example of the different therapies she focuses on is Reflexology, acupuncture/pressure, past-life regression therapy, Reiki and equine assisted psychotherapy. Each chapter focuses on a separate healing therapy. In each chapter she recounts her experience, then follows with a section on her fascination, her belief and finally, the value of the therapy and occurrence. She also explains personal interactions and credentials and background information of the therapist. The information she conveys is organized in a concise and logical manner. While there is an aspect of whimsy and light-heartedness, this volume is rich in information and a few profound moments.

In order to cite specific cases, Connie Siewert gets treatments for her own physical ailments in this study. She imparts what each treatment feels like, how it makes her feel (physically and emotionally) and has the benefit of the impact of time on each study. She shares each experience in an open and honest way. I’d catch myself thinking, “Wow! I’m not sure I’d be able to share that.” The majority of the treatments focused on the same pre-existing conditions, therefore, the author is able to explain the different impact that the different treatments have on the same condition.

Reading this book is reminiscent of having a conversation with the author. The text is straightforward, easy to read. The most frustrating aspect is the considerable typographical errors. Overlooking that, and it is hard to; this book is an enjoyable experience if a bit simplistic in its views. Or maybe it’s more enjoyable because of that simplicity.

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