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Hot Flashes: Sexy Little Stories & Poems
ISBN: 0-9760575-7-3
Edited by Linda Watanabe McFerrin and Laurie McAndish King
Review by: Moira Richards


Flash fiction is a relatively new genre of writing that is much loved by the devotees who write and read it, even though we’re still not sure how it should be defined. We agree that it is like a short story only it can be much shorter, but how short? Fewer than 5000 words? Some say no more than 1000 words, other people compose entire stories within the confines of a 55er or the more verbose 100-word-exactly, Drabble. I know at least one author who is writing a novel composed entirely of flash pieces and little by little, flash anthologies are turning up in the bookstores. One such is the provocatively entitled, Hot Flashes.

Being myself a woman of a certain age, I was charmed to note its subtitle and to know I was about to be treated to a collection of erotica and not to yet-something-more about that other. The two editors visualised a book of sensuality and pleasure in tidbits small enough to accommodate even the most time-challenged of readers. They’ve created a little volume of short-short stories and poetry that explore sensory delectation (and plenty of good not-so-clean fun :-) with all the evocativeness of skillful wordsmiths.

Some of the stories share imaginings and the kinds of encounter that make a titillating sexual fantasy despite (or because of?) it being very much a no-no situation were it in real-life. Other tales describe gender bended lust and flirtation. And you might never again, after reading Steamed Artichokes or Italian Olives or Takeout or Satsuma, attain quite the same level of sang-froid with which you previously relished those foods in a public place.

Enjoy this slim little volume with only yourself for company. Or take advantage of its discreet cover and diminutive size that make it easy to slip inside a box of chocolates, or to tie with ribbon around a bottle of bubbly to be sent as a little bit of foreplay to someone worth seducing.


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