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Staff Bios can be accessed by clicking on the staffers' names; here, or next to the articles they wrote.
Beginning with the Winter 2001 issue, all scholarly articles are peer-reviewed by the full editorial board.
For more information on the Editorial Board, click here for mission statement.


Editorial Board

Dr. Kim Wells, General Editor, HTML diva
Dr. Natasha Whitton, Book Reviews Editor, Co-Editor, HTML diva
Moira Richards, Editorial Board Member
Dr. Melissa Purdue, Editorial Board Member
Dr. C. Jason Smith, Editorial Board Member
LouAnn Muhm, Poetry Editor
Linda Benninghoff, Asst. Poetry Editor
Ann Margaret Bogle, Fiction Editor

Cheryl A. Townsend, Book Reviewer

Guest Editors
Dr. April Gentry & Teri Schell Summer 2005, "Lit Candles" Feminist Mentoring & The Text
Dr. Jill LeRoy-Frazier and David Frazier, Spring 2007, "Digital Eves Transgression/Transcendence in Cyberspace"
Dr. Kameelah Martin Samuel, August 2008, "Serving the Spirits, Women & Voodoo"

Note: We have a lot of other writers who contribute to the site-- these are the few who are regular, and who wish to list a biography sheet. Many are afraid to "go public," preferring to remain more anonymous.

Just a few of the writers from our past who are no longer active: (just to see the huge diversity we've had, and for fun)

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