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April Gentry & Teri Schell

Special Summer 2005 Issue

Lit Candles, Feminist Mentoring & the Text

April D. Gentry

April is in her second year as assistant professor in the Liberal Arts department of Savannah State University, where she teaches a variety of classes in American literature and culture, composition, and humanities.
Having lived her entire adult life in academia, April has taken advantage of several fortunate opportunities to work as a research assistant and editorial assistant. She has also written a number of articles for literary encyclopedias, and was recently selected to edit A Literary Companion to Herman Melville. Education:
April graduated with her BA in English and Spanish from MacMurray College in 1996, followed by an MA in American literature (with a grad. certificate in Women's Studies) from Ohio University in 1998 and her PhD, also in American literature, from Southern Illinois University in 2003. Yes, that's right-she went from kindergarten to PhD with no breaks. (Thus her youthful charm and significant financial obligation to some nice people at a place called Federal Student Aid . . . ). She is interested in postcolonialism and studies of American imperialism (light dinner-table conversation, that ) as well as women's writing of all kinds.
When not buried under a mountain of papers in dire need of grading, April reads incessantly and writes only slightly less so. She is also an avid soccer player. Newly transplanted from the Midwest to the Atlantic coast, she will eagerly undertake her first round of surfing lessons this spring.
Teri P.A. Schell

Teri is finishing her last semester at Savannah State University in sunny coastal Georgia. Between reading, writing, and rewriting for her final classes (Shakespeare, Modern British Lit, Intro to Pop Culture), she worries about hyperventilating during her presentations at upcoming academic conferences.
Teri is a writing tutor for the Writing Across the Curriculum Program in SSU's ReWrite Center. She has tutored students in American Government, U.S. History, and Intro to Business writing-enhanced courses. Besides tutoring, her duties include acting as liaison between W.A.C. students, writing-enhanced course professors, and the W.A.C. program coordinator, and compiling numeric and experiential-based data for future grants and academic journal articles. In addition to her W.A.C. duties, Teri often assists ReWrite Center staff tutors with students working on papers for courses such as Composition 1101 and 1102, Advanced Composition, and African American History.
Teri is a non-traditional student, returning to the university setting approximately twelve years after her first foray in 1988. Her return coincided with her daughter's first year at school, pre-kindergarten, and Teri's desire to set a good example of female scholarship. Writing determinedly since 1979 when she founded her middle school's first and probably only poetry club, Teri continues to write short fiction and shorter poems during the wee hours after the family is in bed. She lives on a small coastal barrier island, attempts to garden, knits scarves for the one-month Georgia winter, and generally aspires to talk more intelligently about all the books she sluttishly devours.

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