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Aurelea Mahood, Staff Writer

Aurelea Mahood has an Honours B.A. in English and Communications from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby BC Canada. Her M.A. in English Literature is from the University of Toronto. She is currently working on her doctorate in the Faculty of English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford.

A compulsive magazine reader herself, Aurelea's doctoral thesis examines the intersection between mass culture and the literary avant-garde in women's magazines during the 1920s. Through a comparative analysis of British Vogue, The Queen and Time and Tide, it assesses the role of the mainstream periodical press in the popularisation and consolidation of modernism in English literary culture. Aurelea has taught a range of twentieth-century tutorials at Oxford. She has presented conference papers on the avant-garde & British Vogue, as well as papers on modernism & popular culture. Her research interests include women's writing, histories and theories of consumption, popular culture, the history of English studies, twentieth-century literary culture and journal monitoring for the RSVP Bibliography Project.

When not working on her thesis, Aurelea can be found rowing on the Isis (or Thames) in an attempt to live up to stereotyped notions about life in Oxford for family and friends back home, running off to London, organising social events with her housemates at Aston Villa (the pseudo-alternate Canadian Society in Oxford), and dreaming of how lovely life will be when she returns to a world of powerful showers.

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