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Aleah Sato: Poetry Editor

Aleah Sato dropped out of university in the early nineties to pursue two of her passions: writing and travel. After a decade of wandering around the United States, writing poetry at every dirty biker bar she could locate, she landed in Fort Wayne where she worked as a development specialist for a nonprofit, under the guidance of a knowledgeable boss turned friend.

After a few years of fundraising, trips to Charleston, and daydreaming about escaping the doldrums of small town, USA, she fell in love with a dear Canadian chap whom she met online.

Determined to break all the stereotypes of doomed online romances, she came to Toronto with a suitcase and a feline, and gritted her teeth through the initial culture shock and awkwardness. Much to the chagrin of friends and family, she is still in Toronto where she is happily married and has settled in to the community as a volunteer and co-owner of a design and marketing communications firm.

At work, Aleah can be found with frazzled hair and glasses, pouring over another boring press release or writing professional articles for myriad industries. When not writing, she's likely day dreaming about all the trips she and her husband will some day take, that is, when time and money permits.

An avid blogger, you can find ongoing updates at
http://janecrowjournal.blogspot.com or on her business blog, http://www.ricksticks.com/toronto-design-blog.htm.

Education: Close but no cigar. Attempted to obtain degree in Psychology and English, but after two and 1/2 years at IU, had other ideas. Will attempt to complete BA as soon as she gains the will power and time.

Experience: Published poet and author of
No Peaceful Sleep, Badlands, and Extinct, a collaboration with photographer, Elizabeth Siegfried. She is a professional ghost writer and Principal of Ricksticks Inc. (www.ricksticks.com).

Personal: Aleah lives in Toronto with her adoring, talented husband, Rick. They have been married close to three years and have one childlike cat. Yes, they live together and work together - a miracle, indeed. Aleah also is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and dreams of starting a nonprofit. Interests include ecofeminism, reading, writing, road trips, wildlife, and philosophy.

Favorite poets: Anne Sexton, Joy Harjo, Sapphire, Nicole Blackman, Corbet Dean, Audre Lorde, Ai, Sandra Cisneros, Lucille Clifton. Robert Frost, and Jimmy Santiago Baca.

With Women Writers since: January 2005

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