Review by: Teresa Cox

May 2003

Handfuls of Time
By Ruth Daigon

     I had not read a book of poetry in quite some time. I find myself pulling a favorite poet off of my shelf and reading a piece or so and then closing my poetic experience until the next time my soul fancies. I picked up Ruth Diagon’s latest work and could not put it down. In fact, I read through the whole book in one rare snuggled and alone afternoon. Her ability to say so very much with so few yet very rich words is worth noting. Her descriptive choices take you right along with her and you feel like you heard something that you smile and understand. I found myself nodding and saying, “I know that person, oh so well,” so many times realizing that that person is no doubt a little part of myself.

     One such poem in which I found such unfamiliar familiarity was “Indecision On Aisle Seven.” The woman who is the focus of her poem moved me. I felt myself wanting to embrace her with total understanding and shake her silly …

Sorting through
spoilage, she uncovers the world.
Passerby warns her:
It’s old, riddled with soft spots.
She buys it anyway.

Another lovely poem:

For the Millenium

Let there be cool linen
and lovers resting between sheets
humming a small heaven between them

Let there be a settlement of snow
long green veils of rain
and radiant squalors

Let there be moon-plucked waves
and thick-tongued leaves
that whisper sleep's dark flower

Let the pulse beat within us
rich as salt, hot as sun,
giving time its edge

Let us steep tansy, coriander
and cloves in wine
drinking deep its magic cures

Let us bring the knower to the known
for there are no second comings
and what waits is just a breath away.

     Yes, I know these feelings and people, just like I knew many others in her works that touch on growing and aging, companionship and memories. I recommend this work for your collection of poets to welcome and explore. It is amazing what few, yet carefully chosen, words can do to represent so much feeling.

     Gale Publishing included Daigon in volume 25 in Contemporary Authors Autobiography Series. She was awarded the University of Southern California's Ann Stanford Poetry Award, 1997. A selection of her poems entitled "Ruth Daigon's Greatest Hits" is forthcoming from Pudding House Publications as part of their Gold chapbook series.

Handfuls of Time is available for purchase by the following methods:
Small Poetry Press

ISBN 1-891298-17-X

or directly from the author:

Ruth Daigon

for any further information her website is

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