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Island Time

By Natalie Lobe
Reviewer: Cheryl Townsend

January 2009

“Think of your poem as a beacon” is the first line of the first poem in this second collection of poetry by Natalie Lobe.

A beacon . . . showing us in, guiding the way. Enter into vacation time and revel in its virtues. Gentle poems of essence, of place, of visual relaxation -- ebb and flow and stable. Smell the roses. Listen to the breeze. “Shine one word at a time.”

Yet they also speak of appreciation, conservation, and a duty to preserve. She asks that we “Make your every image live/for coming generations” and herein she is. Natalie has struck me as an acute observer, a studier and a recorder. Her verbal photography puts you there with her, toes in the sand and sharing.

From “Black Rock”

Marsh grass, scrub pine, my hair,
even the rocks lean towards Algarve
where Portuguese women,
their red and green scarves blowing&nb sp;
against the wind, walk on the beach,
bend to pick up mollusks, then chasten
children dodging waves, sandpiper style.

I wish the photographs were in color...to match the vividness of the poetry, but even in their B&W exhibition, they extol the succulent landscape, the happy faces, the scenic escapades.

Further poems of clam digging, wind surfing, licorice dolphins, ferry rides, stargazing, the inevitable footprints in the sand and “BLACKBERRY PICKING” where she muses “I could have stayed on the porch, with a love poem/or a daydream.”

But mostly I took in her enjoyment of the elements. Her soaking in the sun, giving in to the wind, allowing the massaging of the water and listening to the rain. “A late August shower taps/paradiddle on the porch roof” .. Paradiddle, indeed.

I do need to mention that the aforementioned photographs were taken by her grandson, who obviously enjoys nature as well.


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