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ISBN-10: 0976880105

By: Elizabeth Merrick
Reviewer: Katherine Tildes

January 2009

Elizabeth's Merrick's first novel, Girly, at first seems like a good idea. The cover is inviting with its gothic script and great reviews on the back. However, this is not to say that what is written inside is as good as its cover.

I was heavily disappointed to realize that Merrick's writing is dry and haphazard, as if she's unsure of where she's going next. Her characters are wonderful, especially Racinda and her mother, but they are underdeveloped, and therefore bland. The idea of having the story told from all sides is a grand idea, but it fails miserably in this book. Instead it disrupts the flow and leaves the reader confused. Merrick started out well, but she lost me shortly after the first chapter. This is an unfortunate loss to the literary world.


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