Mission Statement & Site Ethos

Women Writers: A Zine is a semi-annual (twice-yearly), peer-reviewed journal with an Editorial Board consisting of professional scholars and academics from across the world. We are registered with the serials division of the Library of Congress, ISSN#: 1535-8402.

Board membership is by invitation, and all scholarly board members must have a minimum of a Master's Degree in their field of study. Each scholarly paper submitted to the site for publication is reviewed by every member of the board, and recommendations based on each member's specialty are made as to the fitness of the scholarship. Each board member's academic affiliation is listed on individual biography pages. Poetry and fiction editors should be writers themselves, and will be published on the site. They do not have to have degrees in writing but must write well.

The editors have a "third wave" feminist preference, but are open to many (not all) perspectives & claims about the site's mission, content, form, etc.


  • Poets & fiction writers can be anyone, from already established authors to beginners. They must, however, be women.
  • Book reviews can be written by anyone but must be well-written, thoughtful and timely. To solicit your book for review, send a short summary of the plot & your address to the book reviews editor. You will forward your book to the reviewer. There is no reading fee. Only books written by women will be reviewed.
  • Scholarly essays may be written by anyone, but must be well-written, well-researched, and properly documented.
  • Personal essays about women's lives, writing, reading, feminism, and a broad "way of knowing" what it is to be a woman are encouraged.

Mission Statement:

  • To provide independent, print-publication quality scholarship on women writers, women's studies issues and feminist rhetoric, but on the Internet and therefore accessible to students of all levels.
  • To review books by women authors (both popular and "literary.")
  • To host a forum for discussion of women authors, as well as to provide a forum for the promotion of scholars who write about women.
  • To host a forum for publication of women authors and poets.

Editorial Board Members Include:

Dr. Kimberly Wells, General Editor
Dr. Natasha Whitton, Book Reviews Editor, Co-Editor
Dr. C. Jason Smith, Editorial Board Member
Moira Richards, Book Reviews Specialist
LouAnn Muhm, Poetry Editor
Linda Benninghoff, Asst. Poetry Editor

Update: May '08

Site launch, July 19, 1999-- August 19, 1999 @ new URL

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