The color scheme on this site is sometimes difficult for some viewers to read. There are a couple of ways to combat this problem. You can highlight the entire page with your mouse, which will make the highlighted text potentially easier to read. You can also try adjusting the "brightness" on your computer monitor. The colors are very crisp on some monitors, but on others, they tend to fade a bit. Finally, if you're having extreme difficulty reading the text, contact site creator Kim Wells and let her know what pages you are trying to read. She will send you "plain text" of the part you can't read. This is not for you to request wholesale copies-- the site ought to print up fine on black & white printers. . . but for those who have a problem with the colors.

Finally, if your Netscape browser does not allow dark backgrounds, you can fix that in your preferences menu (I'm not sure exactly what steps to take since I use Explorer, but it should be easy to figure out how to do this).

It is a matter of personal taste whether a black background with these colors is aesthetically pleasing-- but I do want it to be readable.