Orchard House/Concord: The living room

When we took the tour, we were all sent from the "gift shop" area into the main rooms while our guide gathered her things. I snapped this shot of the living room, thinking I'd get it before there were lots of people standing around. Well, seconds after I had taken it, the guide came in and said "no photos" were allowed. Oops! I hadn't meant to break the rule, and behaved myself from then on, but this is, alas, the only photo I have of the inside of the house. It's the living room, and that painting is one of Alcott when she was older. Much of the "stuff" in the room is from the Alcott's lives- the small painting to the right of the window was done by Alcott's sister, May, inspiration for Amy.

You can get postcards of the interior of the house to see more of it for yourself. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the "Postcard Packets."

Kim Wells