A Note to students looking for sources beyond what is listed on the Domestic Goddess webpage.


This page is put on the Internet with the hopes that it will spark research and discussion of these authors. But, since the editor does not live in an ivory tower, she know that you may be desperate for research sources on a particular author. Please do not send me emails begging for more sources before you check everything on my page!
Be sure to check the well read links page-- there are a number of good webpages out there that feature general Victorian ideas, and they are listed here.
Also, if you need articles or books about any of these authors, look at the works cited pages of the articles I have included. The writers of the papers I have posted did research, and you can get started by borrowing their bibliographies. There are extensive bibliographies listed on this site, and if I have not collected one on the author you're looking at, you can probably find a link to someone else's online bibliography on that author's link page.

But, since I am a teacher as well as a student, I cannot just send you my stuff. I am glad to help, but there are limits to what I will do. I agree with the policy that you must find it yourself, so that you learn something. It might be difficult, but you must go to your library and look up the authors yourself. For tips on how exactly to do that, feel free to write to me. I can tell you the "good" databases and perhaps offer suggestions on keywords to try. But I will not, nor will any of the authors of papers included here, write your paper or do your research for you. Also, see my FAQ page before you ask your question; your answer may already be posted.