Please read ALL of this before asking me about using any of my graphics; you might save us both some time.

On Copyrights of images, text and graphics:

Disclaimer: As far as I know, except where noted, all the graphics that appear on these pages are in the public domain, and therefore, not copyrighted by anyone else. If I am mistaken, please contact me, and I will do the necessary things to remedy the problem. This means that I do not own, nor claim to own, the photos of authors or their books on my site-- so I cannot give permission for you to use them. Please also understand that I make no profit from any of the work on this website; in fact, I pay money every month to host this website.

Any graphics that are not public domain, from clipart collections, are noted. The little black & white photos of women writers/readers/children & moms are from the Click Art clip art collection, and are used for aesthetic pleasure. If I list a graphic as "found on the Internet," without listing a source, this is because the site where I found it did not list a source, and it would take too long to hunt each one down, individually. Since they are in the public domain, it doesn't matter anyway (in my humble opinion) because they aren't owned by the person who printed them in the first place.

The papers on the Literary Criticism site are copyrighted by each individual author. Do not plagiarise them; use them as research tools.

The references to books you can buy and/or check out of a library are for your educational value only-- I am not a salesperson, only a teacher. (But I do hope to promote the works of these authors!)

It is not my intention to use information or any works belonging to someone else without giving proper credit and academic citation, or, "fair use," as I understand it. Other than where I note above, if there is no notation of where the work is from, it is either a graphic created by me or found in a copyright-free "clip art" gallery.

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