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Photo of Cather laughing-- one of my favoritesWilla Cather Pioneer Memorial Website a site out of Nebraska that is dedicated to Cather.
Willa Cather page, including: resources for teachers; publications by, about, or pertaining to Cather; reading guides for The Professor's House and My Antonia; Cather discussion group; Cather Garden at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Links to Letters from Sarah Orne Jewett to Cather; list of movies based on Cather's writings, her graduation speech. Site by Scott Newstrom.
A nice site by Anne Lindhard
A well-done, short annotated bibliography of Cather's work
Cather Links and Bibliography
Paul's Case -- a project examining one of Cather's short stories from several different angles, has some great Hypertext definitions.
A gallery of photos of Cather from different stages of her life.


Willa Cather electronic archive, from University of Nebraska. Also includes some short biographies and timelines, info on scholarly activity, work on teaching Cather. A great resource, with images, texts and criticism.
One of Ours: At Bartleby.com
My Antonia the entire text of one of Cather's most famous novels.
Youth and the Bright Medusa , one of Cather's collections of short stories at Virginia.  

Note: Links frequently move, or disappear entirely. No links collection is ever easy to update. If one of the above links doesn't work, try another. If you still can't find what you need, try a good search engine-- I like mamma.com, and google but some links will be "so-so". Then, remember to try the library! Not everything is available online. You sometimes need to pick up a real book.

Below is an excerpt from my favorite of Cather's short stories, "Coming Aphrodite," which can be found in Youth and the Bright

Yonder, in a pool of sunlight, stood his new neighbour, wholly unclad,
doing exercises of some sort before a long gilt mirror. Hedger did not happen to think how unpardonable it was of him to watch her. Nudity was not improper to any one who had worked so much from the figure, and he continued to look, simply because he had never seen a woman's body so beautiful as this one, -- positively glorious in action. As she swung her arms and changed from one pivot of motion to another, muscular energy seemed to flow through her from her toes to her finger-tips. The soft flush of exercise and the gold of afternoon sun played over her flesh together, enveloped her in a luminous mist which, as she turned and twisted, made now an arm, now a shoulder, now a thigh, dissolve in pure light and instantly recover its outline with the next gesture. Hedger's fingers curved as if he were holding a crayon; mentally he was doing the whole figure in a single running line, and the charcoal seemed to explode in his hand at the point where the energy of each gesture was discharged into the whirling disc of light, from a foot or shoulder, from the up-thrust chin or the lifted breasts. (Cather 72)

What happens next? Read the story!    From Blackmask.com

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