Since we get a number of questions about where to go to find more information about the authors listed on Domestic Goddesses, we now have a listing of the works cited pages for every essay that we include on our Criticism page. The first step that an interested researcher should take is printing up the author's page that he/she is interested in, then going to a local University or major public library to find the sources that our researchers found. From there, you can find even more bibliographies, and also use the MLA bibliography. Regretfully, the editor and contributors to this site do not have the time nor resources to send more information out to everyone who asks, but this collection should bet a good place for you to get started doing your own research.

Note: As we get more papers, these bibliographies will be updated, so check back. Some pages are more developed than others, but look at the general sources page to find some references that might help with all authors.

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Some of the bibliographies are more complete than others-- but they should give you a good start.

Louisa May Alcott 

 Willa Cather

 Kate Chopin

 Charlotte Perkins Gilman

 Sarah Josepha Hale

Sarah Orne Jewett 

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Susan Warner 

Edith Wharton

Note: A number of the bibliographies on this site were compiled by
Elizabeth Blakesley Lindsay, Literature, Languages and Cultural Studies Librarian, University of
The ones in "black" were done by site editor, Kim Wells, and the ones in "yellow" are by Ms. Lindsay.

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