Janet Arelis Quezada

 Winter 2001

Spanish phrases for Fiesta de los Linares translated here


3 picardia=mischeviousness
4 animar=motivate
5 Asi es que se...That's how it is played, dammit
5 ron=rum

5 Esta es mi fiesta...This is my party and i want you all to enjoy it but with moderation (with care/with caution). Don't get too riled up (excited, out of control), understand?
6 lata=trouble
6 picante=spice (heat?)
6 Esa siempre...That one is always there with the guys, you know, but don't worry. She's all right (she's no trouble?)
Porque tiene...Why does that one have such a serious look on her face?
Porque no bailas...Why don't you dance? I know you like to.
No tengo...I don't have my partner.
Vaya...There you go, see;...
Este merengue...This merengue can be danced alone/It can be danced not matter the hour/yeah, ay, it can be danced alone
8 parejas=couples
13 barajear=wash (dominoes)
14 camion=truck
16 Pero ya...But by now the plantains, rice and grilled chicken had been digested.
16 compas=tempo/beat
17 Iris desde=Iris had worked with her hands ever since she was little.
Era muda=she was mute
18 sus ojos saltaron=her eyes jumped
21 teje que teje=knitting and knitting
26 hierba=herbs
26 puta=whore
26 alms
27 Eso no es...That is not fair
27 paquelo...handkerchief with florida water
28 El Padre=Father Mikael and the neighbors
28 Cangrejo=crab
29 bisabuela=great-grandmother
Tan feo-So ugly
30 con confianza=discreetly
30 metidos=busybodies
Ramonita, que pasa...What's going on? Do you need me?
Solita=Alone. That's how she would get there.
la unica hija...=The only one of Doña Tomassa's daughters that was not sitting within the circle of
babas=saliva, drool
manteles, savanas=tablecloths and sheets
bodegas=grocery store
es su fiesta...it's your party, it's not the time to be crying for no reason.
Aunque sea...whatever happens, i did what i could for her

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