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Ann Margaret Bogle

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Twine by Katrina Gray

I grabbed a handful of butter and lifted the loose skin off the breast side of the chicken. I smeared the butter inside and closed the flap down. The last thing to do was tie the chicken's legs together with kitchen twine and stick it in the oven. But I realized I didn't know where the twine was, not here anyway. read more....

The Belt by Julie Innis

In the morning, stiff kleenex litter the floor around her bed.  When she picks them up, she’s careful to use only her fingertips, though she knows the damage, if there is any, has already long been done.  She takes HIV tests the way some women schedule hair appointments -- every six weeks whether they need a trim or not. read more....

Zelda by Meg Pokrass

My sex drive walked back in the door with a broken suitcase. Her name was Zelda. She was sort of the new me. I called her Zelda, as though I were a maniac with two selves. During the pain syndrome, the real me had slipped away. My husband had stopped noticing that the me was gone. I bored myself to tears. The real me was unrecognizably plump and asexual. read more....

Sex in A Sleep Number Bed by Roxane Gay

The logistics of it trouble Celia. She likes a firm mattress.  She wants her bed so hard it feels like she’s sleeping on cold pavement. Her boyfriend Jamie prefers a mattress so soft his body sinks to the coils and he is cocooned. read more....

Fake Man by Susan Tepper

“After a while all relationships become stale,” I say.

“Are you saying you want to leave me?”  Jake isn’t looking up from the steak he’s cutting the fat off.  

Sighing I say, “Do you want a fat plate?” 

This is what I mean.  A fat plate.   A smaller extra plate to hold all the fat he cuts off his meat.  Jake’s been trimming his meat for years.  I always put a fat plate on the table in advance, and he says he doesn’t need it and puts it back in the cabinet, then he always ends up with nowhere to put the fat.  I end up interrupting my meal to get the fat plate out of the cabinet again. read more....

A River So Long by Vallie Lynn Watson

Veronica met Van on a Friday evening in New Orleans, in a double-bedded Marriott room, thirty-two floors above the winds of the Mississippi.  read more....

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