by Andree Gendron
July 2000


by the water's edge
her face and feelings so still
quiet reflections
her mouth
frames an alluring voice
no need for lipstick
home early from dates
young girls beg the lover's moon
take me with you
I dance with moonlightcast in an empty ballroom
we pause while clouds pass
mother smiles wryly, making orange juice and plans for the new baby

I held my firstborn
he didn't seem real to me
not until he laughed

morning housework
red dust on the furniture
smelling of Mars




steady distant groan
must be the wind
it can’t be the moon

~ SIJO ~

treetops wave to passing birds
come and rest here for awhile
build your nests within my branches
shelter your eggs in warm leaves
teach your young to sing and fly away
I will watch for their return

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