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Natasha Whitton
Book Reviews Editor

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Virginia Woolf: An Inner Life

A Journey from Pain to Love: A Journal of Compassion in an Internet World

Reading Lolita in Tehran

Where the River Runs

Adventures of Riley

An Atomic Romance

broken water

The Bad Behavior of Belle Cantrell

Edges: O Israel O Palestine

Good Wolf

The Sweetest Hours

The Dwelling Place


The Convent and the Rose

Sultana's Dream

Shelby and the Shifting Rings

The Body of Poetry: Essays on Women, Form & The Poetic Self

Walking the Line

Brazillian Waxes , Lazy Ovaries and Outrageous Orgasms

Cow Tippers

Dreams and Other Ailments

Acts of Love
By Alvia Golden


Adam and Eve
By Ruth Rendell

Bethlehem Road
By Nancy Crowe

Consequence: Beyond Resisting Rape
By Loolwa Khazzoom

Cranberry Queen
By Kathleen DeMarco

Dark Room
By Rachel Seiffert

Falling Angels
By Tracy Chevalier

Love Letters to Vermont -- a New England Journal
By Elayne Clift (also includes author interview)

Poetry of Jayne Jaudon Ferrer

Red Threads, The South Asian Queer Connection in Photographs

The Writing Group Book: Creating and Sustaining a Successful Writing Group

The Girl's Guide to Traveling Solo

"No Means No" Isn't Funny--
A Crazy for You
By Jennifer Crusie

North of 60
By Toni Graeme

Thoughts From a Queen Sized Bed
By Mimi Schwartz

Sex Drives: Fantasies of Fascism in Literary Modernism
By Laura Frost

Shell Shaker
By LeAnne Howe

Tender Heart
By Ana Corman

Fear of Flying

Just Kiss Me and Tell Me You Did the Laundry

Walking With Elephants
by Karen S. Bell

Blue Moon
by C. D. Ledbetter

Croning Tales
By Elayne Clift

Crossing the Chemo Room
By Lonna Lisa Williams

Feeding Christine
By Barbara Chepaitis

First Resort
By Nanci Little

Forever Unti We Meet
By Vicki M. Taylor

Happily Ever After
By Wendy Paris

Jimmy's Girl
By Stephanie Gertler

Ain’t No Mountain
By Sharon Ewell Foster

I am Woman Hear Me Whisk: The Third Wave Geminists' Guide to Cookbooks

When You’re About to Go Off the Deep End, Don’t Take Your Kids With You
By Kelly E. Nault

Kitchen Essays
By Agnes Jekyll

Laughing in the Dark
By Patrice Gaines

Swimming Toward Ocean
By Carole Glickfeld

Love Sick
By Sue William Silverman

Mommy Deadest
By Jean Marcy

The Brand New Kid 
by Katie Couric

The Living Blood
By Tananarive Due.
Featured Author interview & book review.

Tipping the Velvet
by Sarah Waters

Silence is Deadly: Judaism Confronts Wifebeating
by Naomi Graetz

Land of a Thousand Hills: My Life in Rwanda
by Rosamond Halsey Carr with Ann Howard Halsey

A Cross and a Star: Memoirs of a Jewish Girl in Chile
by Marjorie Agosín

Bridget Jones's Diary
by Helen Fielding

Oprah's Book Club: A review & opinionated editorial

by Sarah Waters

Seduction: a Portrait of Anais Nin
By Margot Beth Duxler

And Give You Peace
By Jessica Treadway

Handfuls of Time
By Ruth Daigon

Summer Pleasures: An Interview and Book Review with Jacqueline Carey

Dear Sisters: Dispatches from the Women's Liberation Movement
By Rosalyn Baxandall and Linda Gordon, Editors

Lettice Delmer
By Susan Miles

The Demon of Longing
By Gail Gilliland

The Diaries of Emily Saidouili
By Bettye Hammer Givens

Don’t Ever Tell Me You Can’t!
By Celia Ruiz Tomlinson

The Puzzle Bark Tree
By Stephanie Gertler

The Seduction of Water
 by Carol Goodman

Thoughts While Having Sex
By Stephanie Lehmann

By Stephanie Gertler

Madeleine Is Sleeping: A Novel
By Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum

The Gentlemen’s Club
By Becky Due

The Chili Queen
By Sandra Dallas

Inventing Memory
By Anne Harris

Mozart’s Wife
By Juliet Waldron

Bent On Writing
Edited by Elizabeth Ruth

Questing Marilyn
By Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem

The Celestial Jukebox
By Cynthia Shearer

The Storyteller with Nike Airs and other Barrio Stories
By Kleya Forté-Escamilla

The Dance of the Dissident Daughter
By Sue Monk Kidd

Twentynine Palms
By Deanne Stillman

Yeah, I Said It
By Wanda Sykes


Dear Immovable
By: LouAnn Shepard Muhm

The Secret of Lost Things
By: Sheridan Hay

You’re Not You
By: Michelle Wildgen

Understudies: Stories by Marie Redonnet
By Marie Redonnet

The Bad Behavior of Belle Cantrell
By: Loraine Despres

Wild Irish Roses: Tales of Brigits, Kathleens, and Warrior Queens
By: Trina Robbins

The Afflicted Girls by Nicole Cooley

Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey

Disfigured: A Saudi Woman's Story of Triumph over Violence by Rania Al-Baz

The Muse of the Revolution: The Secret Pen of Mercy Otis Warren and the Founding of a Nation by Nancy Rubin

Still Going Strong: Memoirs, Stories, and Poems about Great Older Women by Janet Amalia Weinberg

Woman Into Wolf by Alysse Aallyn

After Gus
Kathryn Glendinning

Anna Nicole Poems
Grace Cavalieri

Anna Nicole Poems
Grace Cavalieri (review #2)

Apparition Wren
Maureen Alsop

The Book I Never Read
Bobbi Lurie

Cadaver Dogs
Rebecca Loudon

The Cone Sisters of Baltimore
Ellen B. Hrischland and Nancy Hirschland Ramage

Dark Lullaby
Mayra Calvani

The Ex-Debutante
Linda Francis Lee

The End of Spring
Sahar Khalifeh
Translated by Paula Hayd

The Woman’s Field Guide to Exceptional Living
Corrie Woods

Elizabeth Merrick

Goddess of Gumbo
Kendra Hamilton

Hence This Cradle
Hélène Sanguinetti
Translated by Ann Cefola

Island Time
Natalie Lobe

Bed Rest
By: Sarah Bilston

A Place Called the Bla-Bla Café
By: Sandy Ross

In the Garden of Illness: I Sit by the Well of Hope
By: Sylvia Thompson

A Mother’s Cry
By: Kerri Busteed

Queen of Babble
By: Meg Cabot

By: Jennifer M. Wilson

Inconsolable: How I Threw My Mental Health Out with the Diapers
By: Marrit Ingman

Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia
By Elizabeth Gilbert
Another America

By Barbara Kingsolver
Breaking the Political Glass Ceiling: Women and Congressional Elections
By Barbara Palmer and Dennis Simon
Buddha Da
By Anne Donovan
The House of Many Faces
By Konstantina Dimitra Mahlia
Mektoub: A Young Woman's War Journal
By Nicole Solignac O'Connor
A Tale of Two Sisters
By Anna Maxted
There Were No Windows
By Norah Hoult

Welcome to Wisteria Lane: On America's Favorite Desperate Housewives
Edited by Leah Wilson
The Thrall's Tale
By Judith Lindbergh
The Blank Wall
By Elisabeth Sanxay Holding
Why Can't You Communicate Like Me?
By Laura Browne
Jasmine in Her Hair: Culture and Cuisine from Pakistan
By Huma Siddiqui
Short Songs
By Amelia Fielden

James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon
By Julie Phillips

War for the Oaks


Meanwhile, Next Door to the Good Life

Stalking the Divine: Contemplating Faith with the Poor Clares

When Your Voice Tastes Like Home: Immigrant Women Write

Undead and Unwed

Louisa and the Missing Heiress

Triumph Over Grief

Back to Work: A Guide for Women Returners

Ada Blackjack: A True Story of Survival in the Arctic

Beacons of Hope

It’s My Heaven

Briar Rose

How Can I Forgive You?

Every Dream Interpreted

Inventing Victor

Miriam the Medium

Sea Gate

Around the Bloc: My Life in Moscow, Beijing and Havana

Cupid Traps

The Wilderness Within

Don't Mean Nothing: Short Stories of Vietnam

The Uterine Crisis

Tritcheon Hash

Hildegarde and the Great Green Shirt Factory

Marrying Mozart

Necrologue: The Diva Book of the Dead and the Undead


The Right Words at the Right Time

Women in a World at War: Seven Dispatches from the Front

Hunting the Last Wild Man


Erotic Fairy Tales: A Romp through the Classics



Masters of the Air
By Deborah Tash

When a Rooster Crows at Night
By Therese Park


By Kathe Koja

Mirrored Lives
By Lib Lander and Jan Lander

Occasions of Sin
By Sandra Scofield

By Nancy Takacs

Problems in Living
By Melissa Brown Levine

The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands
By Laura Schlessinger

A Return to Modesty: Discovering the Lost Virtue
by Wendy Shalit

There's Something About Harry Potter
by J. K. Rowling

Fairy Tales for Feminists: Jane Green's Jemima J and Ugly Duckling to Swans
review + author interview

The Cure For Death by Lightning
by Gail Anderson-Dargatz

Far and Beyon'
By Unity Dow

Head Case, a Rock and Roll Novel
By Kathleen Strelow

Slay Me Tender
By Jenny Scholten

The Territory of Men: A Memoir
By Joelle Fraser

The Way We Make Sense
By Dawn Karima Pettigrew

Season of the Body: Essays
By Brenda Miller

Serious as a Heart Attack
By Louisa Luna

She’s the Girl
By Susan Brooks

Soul Choices: Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose
By Kathryn Andries

Dancing in Circles
By Debra Tash

Darkness Calls
By Caridad Pineiro

Death by Death
By Clare McNab

Demeter and Persephone
By Tamara Agha-Jaffar

Swimming in the Ocean
By Catherine Jenkins

The Doctor’s Wife
By Elizabeth Brundage

The Secrets of Jin-Shei
By Alma Alexander

The World That Was Ours
By Hilda Bernstein

Tough at the Top
By Nicky Edwards

Zoo Gang Girls
By Joan Arndt

Are You in the Mood?
By Stephanie Lehmann

Assignation at Vanishing Point
By Jane Satterfield

Nine Lives: Stories of Women Business Owners Landing on their Feet
By Mary Cantando with Laurie Zuckerman

One-Hit Wonder
By Lisa Jewell

Plucked and Burned: A Closer Look at America’s Chicken Industry
By Sylvia Tomlinson

The Fire This Time: Young Activists and the New Feminism
Edited by Vivien Labaton and Dawn Lundy Martin

The Shadow Within
By Karen Hancock

Namako: Sea Cucumber
By Linda Watanabe McFerrin

Child of a Rainless Year
By Jane Lindskold

Deadly Behavior
By Dee Sullivan

Experiences Of The Heart
By Imee C. Nudas

By Lucy Hawking

Mountain Shadows
By Patricia Reiss Brooks

By Alice Munro

The Skeptic's Guide to The Adventures of Life
By Connie R. Siewert

The Montana Stories
By Katherine Mansfield

The Feminine Connection
By Dr. Gayle Owens

Hot Flashes
Edited by Linda Watanabe McFerrin and Laurie McAndish King

The Pied Piper of South Shore
By Caryn Lazar Amster

The Covenant and The Betrayal
By Beverly Lewis

Tell Me, Grandmother
By Virginia SutterNelson and the Huruburu Bird
By Mairéad Byrne

A Fistful of Sky
By Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Hypocrite In A Pouffy White Dress
By Susan Jane Gilman

Ten Years Haikujane by Jane Reichhold

Cicada Forest: An Anthology of Tanka by Mariko Kitakubo, translated by Amelia Fielden

Dream Homes: From Cairo to Katrina, an Exile's Journey by Joyce Zonana

Women’s Hero Journey: An Interview With Lois McMaster Bujold (+ book review)

The Terror Dream: Myth and Misogyny in an Insecure America by Susan Faludi

It Happens as We Speak: A Feminist Poetics
Pat Falk

Messages to Me: Words Collected on the Road to Silence
Margaret Coyle

No Name Harbor
Barbary Chaapel

The Paragon
Kathrine Varnes

Kelley Heckart

Ruby Rest
Tyler Oaks

Second Chance
Jane Green

Embraced by the Shadows
Mayra Calvani

Sixtyfive Roses
Heather Summerhayes Cariou

Ann Cefola

Lucille Clifton

What Feeds Us
Diane Lockward

What if Your Mother
Judith Arcana

Yayas In Bloom
Rebecca Wells

Featured Novel &
Interview with Cherie Priest


The Memory Keeper's Daughter
By Kim Edwards
My Breasts, My Choice: Journeys through Surgery
By Barbara Brown, Maureen Aslin & Betsy Carey
The Venice Apartment and Other Stories
By Erna Cooper
at her feet
By Nadia Davids
By Moira Egan
The Nature Sonnets
By Jill Williams
Sweet to Burn
By Beverly Burch
By Mary Rosenblum
Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith
By Anne Lamott
Many Faces to Many Places
By Judy Azar LeBlanc

Silver Dreams
By Sondra Rice Newman
In My Dreams Neruda
By Katie Kingston
No One Should Get Pregnant Alone
By Elaine D. Fox

The Icarus Girl

Motherhood Confidential

Someone Not Really Her Mother

A New Woman Reader: Fiction, Articles and Drama of the 1890s

Confessions of a Recovering Slut and Other Love Stories

Bobbed Hair and Bathtub Gin

It Stops With Me: Memoirs of a Canuck Girl

A Thousand Tomorrows

Bodies of Glass

Of Water and Dragons

Dissolution of Ghosts

Henrietta Maria: Charles I's Indomitable Queen

Fear, Phobias and Frozen Feet

Intricate Moves: Poems About Rape

Hello Gorgeous: Beauty Products in America 40s-60s

Letters to Virginia Woolf

Why Are We Reading Ovid's Handbook on Rape?

In A Ribbon of Rhythm

Dream House
By Barbara Bean

Email Episodes
By Yvonne Perry

By Heidi Wyss

I Don’t Know How She Does It
By Allison Pearson

I Promise Not to Tell
By Brenda M. Weber

Mercurochrome: New Poems
By Wanda Coleman

The Farming of Bones
by Edwidge Danticat

Bitter Kisses
By Wendy Iliff

Sweetest Dream
By Doris Lessing

By Cass Dalglish

The Prisoner's Wife
By Asha Bandele

Sex Drives
By Laura Frost

She Walks In Beauty
By Nicole Conn

The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing
by Melissa Banks

An Island Garden
by Celia Thaxter

Jane Sexes it Up
By Merri Lisa Johnson, Editor 

Also, read excerpts from this reviewed book
Date Rape at the Redneck Riviera
Wanting Him Anyhow: Third Wave Feminism & the Problem of Romance

Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women
by Elizabeth Wurtzel

Rita Mae Brown 's Website: a Review

Women of Color, Women of Words Website: a Review

Whose Manifesta?
A Collaborative Project/Review of the Third Wave Theory/History

The Case for Marriage: Why Married People are Happier, Healthier, and Better Off Financially
by Linda J. Waite and Maggie Gallagher

Bobbie Ann Mason's books

Conversations with Audre Lorde
Joan Wylie Hall, Editor

Bucket of Blood: The Ragman’s War
By R. S. Sukle

Cerulean Blue
By Wray Miller

Feminism Gets a Face-Lift: The Face of Love: Feminism and The Beauty Question

No Kidding
by Wendy Tokunaga

Our Bodies Our Selves

Elizabeth I
by Anne Somerset

Shakespeare's Troy
by Heather James

Salt and Saffron
by Kamila Shamsie

Susan Faludu's Stiffed vs. Fight Club

A Review of By a Woman's Hand: A Guide to Mystery Fiction by Women
and other sources

By Lynnette D’Anna

Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love
By Helen Fisher

Our Bodies Are Ourselves by Joan Jacobs Brumberg, The Body Project: An Intimate History of American Girls, and The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler

In Tuscany
by Frances Mayes

Ann Petry's The Street and
Jessie Redmon Fauset's There is Confusion

All We Know of Love
by Katie Schneider

Bruno's Dream and A Fairly Honourable Defeat
by Iris Murdoch

The House of Gentle Men
by Kathy Hepinstall

by Toni Morrison

The God of Small Things
by Arundhati Roy

The 'Stephanie Plum' Novels
by Janet Evanovich

Freezing Persons
by Laura Feldman

The Girl with the Funny Name
by Fatima Castañeda

by Susan Glaspell

Bastard Out of Carolina
by Dorothy Allison

Patchwork Girl: Review of a Hypertext book

Disobedience by Jane Hamilton

Past: Perfect! Present: Tense! Insights from One Woman’s Journey as the Wife of a Widower
By Julie Donner Anderson

Sea-Born Women
By B.J. Mountford

Second Generation
By Susan Scutti

By Kimberly Buteau

The Hunt
By Jan Neuharth

By Kate Manning

Women in Pants: Manly Maidens, Cowgirls, and Other Renegades
By Catherine Smith and Cynthia Greig

Work the Sex
By Coral Hull

In the River Sweet
By Patricia Henley

By Monica Dickens

An Accidental Woman
By Barbara Delinsky

Shattered Sonnets Love Cards and Other Off and Back Handed Importunities
By Olena Kalytiak Davis

Psappha: A Novel of Sappho
By Peggy Ullman Bell

Sheet Music
By M.J. Rose

The Way We Make Sense
By Dawn Karima Pettigrew

Livin’ the Blues and Riding With The Queen
By Jennie Shortridge

The Dry Well
By Dawn Lyons

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